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"Only a mediocre person is always at their best" W. Somerset Maugham

Our Mission:

The Inspiraction mission is to transform potential into reality by supporting the growth, learning and success of companies who engage us. This could be through coaching, consulting and learning.

Our Goal:

To be recognised as the company that inspires, supports and challenges individuals and businesses to develop creative opportunities for accelerated success.

Our Values:

We have identified inspiring values to maintain our high standards and guide our business. These comprise the general set of values shown below and a style of work applied to coaching, consulting and learning.
  • Innovation We have creativity and clarity - we challenge, stimulate and inspire
  • Achievement We support, sustain, focus and enable client success
  • Acceleration We deliver quick results and accelerated growth
  • Integrity We are professional, ethical and use quality as a benchmark

Our Working Style and Beliefs

All employees at Inspiraction have the fundamental skills to:

Listen - Evoke - Clarify - Discuss - Support

Inspiraction uses techniques derived from NLP, or neuro-linguistic programming, as a key part of our practice. We use these motivational techniques in our coaching, consulting and training to achieve better rapport and results.
  • We believe that the client is naturally creative and resourceful
  • Inspiraction's job is to enhance the client's skills, resources and creativity
  • We expect the client to work hard to achieve goals
  • Our advice is straightforward and to the point