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Inspiraction: inspired learning - sustained development

Corporate learning remains a major factor in the health and fitness of an organisation. Inspiraction helps clients develop the skills to sustain growth through the expertise of its consultants and trainers. The skills of coaching are combined with acute business insight to further help, develop and grow a client's employees.

Training combined with coaching radically improves performance in the workplace. The International Personnel Management Association asserts that training alone can boost performance by 22 per cent, while training plus coaching increases performance by 88 per cent.

We provide a bespoke training and staff development service and are happy to discuss the individual needs of your organisation.

Specific areas of focus include:
  • Internal consultancy - Learning management consultancy skills, enabling the organisation to take a close look at the shape and fitness of a business and recommend improvements. Sustainable skills for managing change and process improvement.
  • Effective team working - Cultivating team spirit, collaboration and better communication within and across functions in the business, as well as external relationships
  • Peak performance at work - Helping employees to work smarter and stay motivated. It looks at converting a manager into a leader by imparting the skills needed to lead a business with vision
  • Facilitated Session Leadership - The ability to facilitate business deals, meetings and other events is a core business skill
  • Supply Chain Core skills - Training in the best way to manage the total supply chain including procurement practice and suppliers and developing best practice when it comes to negotiating - leading to reduced business costs and increased revenues
  • Working Capital Management - Providing your organisation with the core skills to manage the businesses working capital from payables to receivables and inventory optimisation