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Welcome to Inspiraction.com

We provide coaching, consultancy and learning services to businesses and individuals.

Our purpose is to make real our clients' potential by supporting their growth, learning and success. You choose which service best fits your business development or personal growth needs.

Inspiraction serves the need of both the large and smaller businesses, as well as individuals seeking life coaching.

Our Services


Consulting services from Inspiraction enable the transfer of professional knowledge, expertise and experience to help develop, grow and promote a business and its staff.


Coaching is a powerful relationship between coach and client that unlocks unrealised potential for living and working, so maximising individual and organisational performance.


Learning services cover the internal development of skills, management effectiveness and team working within an organisation. Bespoke training is provided within this portfolio, tailored to match the real needs of a business.

Continuum of services


At Inspiraction all we do is based on a distinct set of values and working style.

Values & Style

We stand for innovation, achievement, acceleration and integrity.

"Inspiraction's no-nonsense approach was just what I needed to get me started and keep me going."

"There is a world of difference between thinking about doing something and actually doing it, and between reading a book and being asked to deliver outcomes. That is the difference a coach makes, and that is the difference that I am enjoying from having you [Inspiraction] around"

Senior Manager, CapGemini Ernst & Young